Second Moon - Dungeons and Dragons

Exploration & Survival Campaign with a custom setting


When the second moon arrived, it upset everyone. Still, after a decade of research and debate, a global science initiative, military alliance, and the biggest tech company have teamed up to research, colonise and exploit this mystery. You are now among the lucky few to make moonfall. Penetrating the physics-defying veil which destroys technology also transforms and empowers you. Now cut-off from Earth for the foresable future, though it hangs in the sky, you must survive and explore the dangers on the Second Moon.

Tone / Inspirations

DM Info

Hi I'm Claire, and I've been playing and running DnD since basic box. While 5e is my favourite flavour of DnD I have the most experience with 3e and its variants like Pathfinder. I was an RPGA judge and have been a con GM for two decades. I mostly run other systems like Call of Cthulhu & FATE but I've run a few 5e campaigns.
Professionally I've worked in the games industry for 15 years. My wife and I run a small book company on the side. I prefer to run rules-lite settings but I love diving into details and building complex worlds but I promise to not lore dump you on the table.