Player Introduction and Setup

Ten years ago

Everyone thought they would die, for one week.

Wars almost broke out, the global economy crashed, and everyone faced their mortality. Not with panic, riots, or death but for the most part with a stoic companionship which brought all of human existence into perspective.

This was it. All she wrote. Most were at peace with that.

Then the giant earth-destroying ball of death hurtling to the earth, paused.

Breaking all laws known to physicists, some even acknowledge by felines, the meteor curved into a gentle orbit mirroring our moon.
Some tidal swells happened and a few interesting phenomena registered in the frantic laboratories of coffee addled academics, but no one listened to them. They all looked up at the impossible new moon hanging in the sky.
Thus began the age of the Second Moon.

Present Day

The new age brought forth new powers.

The emergency military powers granted by world governments to stabilise the last hours of mankind was redirected to maintain peace and kept in place. Still answered to a collected council of world powers but now a unified force for the most part.

A government science body given unlimited resources and ultimate authority in the last days of mankind to seek some solution was restructured. The mandate shifted from survival to adaption as the world seeks understanding. The resources were now limited but many of their emergency powers stayed in place.

The stock market crashed, and most businesses failed on paper. According to the numbers, one failed the most. A new space start-up was bankrupt, but at the same time, it had put more mass into orbit that first year than through the rest of history. Eager to seek opportunity they tried to move before new laws could be written. It quickly merged with some established interests into the largest commercial entity and started constructing an orbital station to observe and stage for the second moon. Portal was founded.

Soon the military and world powers stepped into reign in the fast-paced reckless expansion.

The second moon was observed, and it was strange. Gravity did not behave around it and many chemicals and alloys dissolved or exploded when making contact with the atmosphere. It was difficult to observe and showed no signs of intelligence. While behaving in a way that flummoxed all of the scientific community. After much testing, an island in the middle of a vast sea was observed, and a window found. One small window in which an advanced force could be deployed. You are in that small group of a hundred who get to set foot on the Second Moon.

Pick a Faction


Reach new heights, beyond limits.

Through hardships to the stars.

From the moon, knowledge.

While others panicked as the stock markets crash a small group of individuals from private groups older than most nations and young disruptive startups joined up to form X Corp.
While nations argued over red tape X corp launched more mass into space in a year than through out human history. We are the fuel which will drive humanity beyond our limits.

The days of the arrival threw the world into chaos. The war to end all was moments away when cooler heads prevailed.
Through global economic unrest and a reorganisation of resources on a scale never before seen the new military alliance has sherparded humanity every step of the way. Keeping us safe from harm or harming ourselves.

First and foremost this is a mission of science. The arrival of a large mass which can alter it direction with no visible engines and break all known laws of science provides a truly new branch of science.
Founded on the common good the people of the world believe in the Science Initiative. Only through knowledge and study can we solve the problems of tomorrow.

Results orientated group focused on immediate benefits.

Strong hierarchy and core values drive this faction.

This group is driven by learning and uncovering mysteries.

Chose two stories with your friends

Make a one sentence story with the players to your left and right.

Some suggestions, feel free to make your own.

Anything keep it short enough to write down in one sentence.

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