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Claire Blackshaw

I’m a queer Creative Programmer, with a side dish of design and consultancy, and a passion for research and artistic applications of technology. I work as a Programmer at Media Molecule. Now looking for a new adventure in VR!. Love living in London. When I'm not programming, playing games, roleplaying, learning, or reading, you can typically find me skating or streaming on Twitch.

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April Update

First off new job which means a bunch of things but mostly a project update.
The video should be on the main page at the time of posting but here is a link if your in the future.

I've updated the experiments page with a range of stuff. Here is a brief overview.

Software / Hardware Dev

  • ThimBall Controller - Alternative VR controller design
  • TinyXR - OpenXR / Vulkan engine with SDF / Volumetric approach
  • Dig Deep - Game project built on TinyXR
  • Magic Shop - Casual Game
  • OSC Twitch Extension Bot

Books & Comics

  • Ducky Book 4 - Final Draft, art ect..
  • Ducky Book 5 - Starting editing and appeal pass
  • Ducky Book 6 - First Draft waiting on my edit pass
  • Virtually Unknown - VR history comic project
  • South African Tales - Comic slice of life stories from growing up in Africa
  • Space Survival - Writing 1st draft

Video Projects

  • VR Interview Show - Two interviews in the can, need to work on branding and editing
  • Morning Monsters - Ongoing but a more Tech / VR slant with occasional Game Dev now
  • Skate Southwark - Skate all of April challenge and new YT Channel
  • AR Short Stories - TikTok / YT Short format project in RnD atm

So yeah a ton going on. Some of it will slow down as I start the new job which I will be letting you all know about soon.

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