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I’m a queer Creative Programmer, with a side dish of design and consultancy, and a passion for research and artistic applications of technology. I work as a Programmer at Media Molecule. Now looking for a new adventure in VR!. Love living in London. When I'm not programming, playing games, roleplaying, learning, or reading, you can typically find me skating or streaming on Twitch.

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Book Review: Reborn as a Vending Machine

"There is some surprising complexity in this isekai." That was the line my wife blurted after she asked me was it good. It's honestly a fun romp I would recommend to anyone as being both silly and wholesome. It maintains a unique flavour while "conforming" to several tropes.

It has some surprising nuance in places for all the silliness of the premise and tropes of the genre.

I would strongly recommend this book to genre fans, but I would also say there is something special here.

It really was the perfect birthday book.

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