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For the Witch!

For the Witch!

LARP LARP LARP. Bear in mind I was crewing the morning, so I got flashes of the adventure.

For the King

The king is sick, and not looking to live long but this starving cobbler couldn't care less. She has been stumbling around the forest starving with her companion the Weaver for four whole days. When a kindly group of adventures out to save the king questioned her about Gadsmouth. One was even kind enough to supply silver and food as well as directing both peasants to the nearest village free of plague. Onwards the adventures marched. Then talking to a mysterious herbalist.

HALT! You are now in our lands and must pay. The words of the bandit lord upon the adventures finding the toll. The healer, a raven sought peace but a burly fighter seemed impatient with the bandit lord, or son of a whore. Battle ensued seeing the two spearmen pressing the druid and warrior hard. Finally the line broke when the druid put unnatural fear into a bandit leaving the bandit lord to fall and the bowmen low on arrows. Leaving only the bandit lord fallen on the floor, alone. Leaving interesting loot behind.

Later the adventures stumbled upon some weary scouts from a foreign lord. After an exchange of word and drink the adventures told of the ingredients they sought. Unfortunatly on inspecting one of the vials the scout commander was taken ill and the vials contents were emptied on the floor.

Next the adventures slew a goblin, for reasons of their own. However a poor villager witnessed the brutal act while gathering leeches. The adventures then put themselves upon her to give over the leeches. They were starved off with promises of more leeches in the trees.

From rumor we hear the adventures are successfully.

Troubled Love

Waking for the fear drenched sleep Maga worked till her hands stained with the smell and colour of herbs being worked in the mortar. She looked past the thin curtains on the ram shackle hut thinking of the flower, too close to Alfar court for comfort. Sighing she donned her robe and left the door unlocked. Upon coming to the lands she found a local land-owner enlisting aide from a motley crew. The fates once again at work.

Morrigan, Barag and a nameless alfar of the wintercourt strode along the same path. Often rare events and blooms are woven close to strong threads such as these. Morrigan was unharmed and unfriendly as always. Barag was his charming smelling self. Between silent, misunderstood and hated the options were not large.

Recent events having moved as they have Maga felt lost on the wind not sure of her step. The son of the lover explained things in a garbled tongue. Morrigan impatience wearing Maga fast. When coming upon the couple the one was a glamoured Alfar and the other a besotted human. 7 Middans for the removal of family interference or a cloak of Alfar crafting for the aiding in interference. Morrigan quickly sought both paths. Getting the 7 Middans he killed the man and left a very distressed lady. She quickly healed him from the brink. Claiming it would not break the enchantment.

Along the path without reason or rhyme a single alfar attacked us. Morigan took a strike before the beast could be stilled by magic, and killed by the autumn Alfar.


I wont finish writing this it bores even me. The truth is I LOVE my character but she is having trouble fitting into events. The character doesn't meld with the scenario. Previously I've always hammered players to make their characters work! Habicht comes to mind. I need to make this character work, its my responsibility as a player.

More on this later...