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Good Morning Napalm

Good Morning Napalm

You ever wake up to that feeling of being misplaced. I mean I've woken up on and in more couches, floors, beds, cars and people than I would like to recall. My own bedroll as such has moved around and yet the feeling still comes to me at times. I have this large stand mirror that sits there looking at me.

I keep meaning to get a clock in my room. I don't know if the lack is a good or bad thing. I wake up and stare at the walls thinking. What time is it? Then I look at the sun and cuss. I'm used to being able to place the time of day by the sun but the UK sun is as cuckoo as cola when it comes to that.

No code progress this morning mostly due to me finding an error in this blog html and spending a good 30 minutes tweaking this and that.

The picture is a random sketch book piece from a comic I used to be involved with. It was a filler, but it felt right for today.