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Welcome.... now bugger off.

Welcome.... now bugger off.

I know that people will eventually stumble across this and I wish them the best. I try to put my thoughts on paper as best I can. I used to have have a live journal... why not continue to post there? Mostly technical reasons other reasons as well. I will not introduce or explain myself.

Currently I'm processing several chocolate eggs and working are at work hahaha. Thankfully everyone thinks that Apple is closed today so I dont have to listen to too many idiots who cant work an ipod or others who dont know ow to use a webpage. Oh well I'm trying to turn a corner. So chomp down the chocolate then go on a diet. Stupidest thing I've ever heard of and I slap people for doing it. Oh well I'm doing it now... stupid.

The next thing I want to go on about is that I deleted my WOW account this weekend. It was an addiction 500 hours plus sounds like an addicition to me. Oh well i need to work haha

My sense of humour is drying out.