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Broken Glass

Broken Glass

I often wonder why saints dance on silver skies. I mean what is the band playing cause last I heard all the good music, art and culture was down under. I mean at the end of the day you need to remember we are not more alive except when we are killing or dying. I don't know I feel like a sound track is missing.

Interrupt, acknowledge and break. I mean if everything in the world was written on one point. I still remember one of my characters holding a silver glass pyramid to the players. A bubble in glass on a line of silver in a three sided apex which shimmered in a tracing line of colours. The infinite expansion of dimension and mind until barriers and perception place a limiter on it.

Imagine a thing of light and matter which contained everything, too vast. Okay take that and stretch it out into a torus, okay so now you only need to perceive a slice of infinite volume, rotate it so you can perceive and infinite amount of slices. Now take a water wheel called your mind and dip it into the stream of infinite perception. Your mind collects buckets of perception and knowledge gleans what it can and throws the rest back into the river. Ultimately learning almost nothing and powering your mind like a flour mill grinding away the seconds of your life.

This is the pain and misery of limited perception. The pleasure is almost every new scoop shall be new. The sheer terror of knowing everything in one moment if even possible would not only drive you into a mindless screaming Escher state, it would also propel your mind to a state of knowing everything, which would mean you would never need to learn anything.

Any question, experience or viewpoint is known, nothing can learned, experienced or viewed ever again the beauty of that flowing river and gentle sound of the water wheel will so be lost to sound of everything, which is silence.