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Code : Water the Tree outside Timmy

Code : Water the Tree outside Timmy
Timer: 04:21:05

So Another frightful morning has dawned. Okay well as you can see the Matrix mode of the game is coming along. I spent a lot of time on basic structure stuff with trees and such. Most of that is done to a level where I can make the other stuff and come back to make a proper generation and start implementing the difference

What been done yesterday

  • Matrix Base Structure
  • Tempory Movement
  • Render Framework for Nodes
  • Load Balance !!!

Todo List for Sunday

  • Node selection and Traversal
  • Different Class Nodes

In other News

I've been fighting with the Taxman, Clinic, and Airlines. The Taxman was beaten down with a nice stick until I realized they were really nice and helpful. So I'm getting a 100% tax rebate. Yeah me!

The Clinic claims the bank details are incorrect. So now I have to mail a check meaning my medication is delayed AGAIN! I swear I'm chewing the bit on this one. I'm one step away from taking bloody Airlines to court, but unfortunately tickets bought in South Africa fall under South African trading laws. So I might have to purchase a new ticket. Thankfully I got that Tax rebate or this wouldn't be doable.

Oh well off to work and another day of sunshine and agony.