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Mind Slush

Mind Slush

I was fighting with the evil monkeys of maths, collisions, point to line distance and other wildlife. I do not wish to talk of it however it is in a mildly amusing corner of agony and pain in my brain. Anyway My brain had a warm toasty feeling as I think of mountains of randomly generated data, finely crafted seed elements, maniac maths and balance algorithms.

What do you mean... Oh yes. I have the day off tomorrow.

Thinking about getting into a bit on an exercise routine. I tried dieting and normally I'm brilliant at this the problem is my mother. See when I control my food purchases I'm naturally balance the cheapest options with the slimest options and buying no treats. My mothers more prone to purchasing treats and such. Now its a lot easier to have a controlled will power twice a week when you go shopping than 24/7. The first rule of my diet regime is control your larder to cut out lard. So this got me thinking about exercise the problem is time. When I get home I have 4 productive ours for dinner and everything else. So I could attempt to work in exercise but I think my coding will suffer greatly if I do.

You see alternating nights, or scheduled things do not work with me unless enforced by an outside factor. I just go into my own world.