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What do you mean your losing the Thread!

What do you mean your losing the Thread!
Voting Complete

The LD48 voting will continue for a while but my voting session is complete. I have definite favorites, and certain views on other projcts and comments however overall a good experience. My game didn't go down as well as I first thought but I learned a lot.. For instance, EXPLAIN EVERYTHING and make the controls stupidly simple.

Timer: 02:47:20

Oh well getting back into the Phantom Project. I've been coding two things into it that have completed. They are both clean up stuff but still very important. The first is a log class which I can load and save log files from and to. As well as report information on the fly. Very usefull tool.

This brought me logically to the next step getting rid of the hack pointer system and installing a proper singleton class. I was looking at a refrence source to refresh my memory and I saw thread safty. What with all this multithreading the traditional singleton causes endless trouble, a small bit of code however reduces the chance of problems greatly (however its not 100% fool proof). So I wrote that into the system and adjusted the classes accodingly.

I've also been drawing the mind maps up for the different ICEs and such. I think I'll place a place holder UI then call it a day.