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What happened to the Zeros

What happened to the Zeros

Oh well another day has come in and I rocked up to closed glass doors, early, cold, and awaiting someone with keys. I must say I didn't expect to be in this position at this stage of my life.

On a more positive note my flight date approaches with a speed. Soon I'll be zooming back to cold wet winter of South Africa. That should be fun and interesting. Hopefully clear the air, tie up some loose ends and roleplay my [insert random body part here] off.

My email is acting up like a wired bunny on LCD doing time in a bee hive.

What do you mean you don't have the time?

Okay I need to get the timer fixed. I've been fighting this weekend with Textures, blending, alpha and shaders. I hate it when libaries are overbearing or bulky. The perfect library for me comes in two forms, a full clean source, or a nice dll/lib with include. You either give me a white box I can tweak the hell out of or give me a black box I can plug in and forget about.

Whats been done

  • Texture Loader rewritten
    • Implemented DeviL
    • Singleton Wrapper class implemented
    • Track by name implemented
  • CG Shader Base Class
  • CG shaders sandbox
  • Spent five hours playing with shaders (learning)

what's Next?

Turret ICE, and HUD. I want to complete the Turret ICE this week. The first game ICE. The Zombie was just a dev test. So far I'm happy with the ripping out of the system and the rewrite.