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Another Day, Another Demonic Spawn of Evil

Another Day, Another Demonic Spawn of Evil

Okay what is it with focus. I need to take my mind and place it in a slingshot and launch it away at top speeds because currently it feels like a fuzzy cloud of cute hugs and kisses that's just going to sort of float around like a morning mist only to evaporate in the bright noon day sun.

Tony Hawk Underground, and Heroes of Might and Magic V are both great games but they are DISTRACTING ME!!! I suppose I wouldn't want to break into the game industry if I didn't love games but come on I need to work and rally the troops. To Arms, take up your Keyboards and Mouses (Rats, depending on which dictionary you use) we shall fight the code fight one line of code at a time onwards... Oh wait my griffin needs me... Scuttle off to HOMM5.


On the coding front I did get some work done. I still haven't attacked ICE project. I might take a day or two off to play HOMM, I mean code a demo.

  • Solved Depth Sorting, Alpha Problem
  • Cool Wave effect (Colour based) added to Matrix
  • Did a slight shuffle of collision functions

P.S. If this fucking spell checker tries to spell Colour without a U or some other american bastard version of my beloved language I shall spill its Ones and Zeros all over the floor. - Claire