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Blocks of Sanity falling from the Sky

Blocks of Sanity falling from the Sky

I cant believe this world, I really cant at times. Sometimes people disgust me. I mean there are those rare times that I think wow, that's a shining example of kindness. Then I seem a case of humanity, human nature, or rather uncivilized idiocy. The fact of the matter a thin veneer of civilization is on all our psychies. The crucial lies and beliefs which hold our unnatural society together despite everything.

The basic nature of this world is conflict. Why you ask. Its simple, want. Not need, no wars are ever fought over need. Its always I WANT to be safe, or we WANT more land, or that idiot WANTS to rule. Need inspires great acts. Rather it scares us enough to get us into some semblance of sense and greater responsibility.

Its not the great acts or massive cruelty that makes me sick. Its the daily dirtiness of peoples karma that bugs me. For instance the amount of times I look around my space and see people motivated by negative stimuli. Things like fear, guilt, greed or just plain simple the most evil act of all, apathy.

Take me now, before another rose is crushed