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Rolling balls of Sanity

Rolling balls of Sanity

Oh well I'm slicing and mixing the pieces of fabric together and trying to get my mind back to a regular state. Sadly the case is that my sweet Serenity is going to be broken by the noise of my cousins this weekend Unless I can convince people of alternative options.

Work is crazy busy for some reason all the idiots are calling in the mornings and we are short-staffed. Management is moving more people to earlies but its going to take four weeks to implement. This logic is like patching a hole on a volcano after the molten lava and burning ash has settled. Speaking of which Volcanoes for all their destruction make lush and fertile soil for fauna to thrive in.

Going to get a bunch of my art together and go back and add pictures to these posts.

Programmers Block remains as always as a looming tower of doom and gloom.