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Good Day and Wally Wallie Wooly Woo

Good Day and Wally Wallie Wooly Woo

Another day of infinite spectrum but still over technical usage of shading and light has been introduced to the current frame and spectrum of things as they stand. The court hereby wishes that hithro the order of the ay be the price of tea in the asian market with taking account of the favourable trade winds on this month of two moons.

Ladies and stupid people, I have survived to claw, fight, kill and most favourable maim another day. I survived the diciplinary hearing and now sit awaiting two internal interviews. The first for a position of Coach, the second for the position of secondary Trainer.

So break a few actors, notch a few die and thumbs on the table as The Lady hopefully smiles on me this day. If not I will just have to go have a talk with her about the seventh side of the randomised cube using fatality and predetermism as playthings in a quantum sandbox of finite states given a set.

So once more we march to war with the tides of insanity, illness and a mild desire to see if the end of the world smells.