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Another Satttttty Day

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Another Satttttty Day

Contry to popular belief I dont like sitting down. Its something i do while using a computer true, by choice however my machine is on a low lying desk. I like the floor, no cushions on the floor just a nice carpet. Yes low lying furniture for the mildy amusing quality and plus five modifier to charisma.

On a different topic I've been firmly establishing once again my geekiness. I am a geek. Whats worse is while I used to be able to say I skydive, have a relationship, and regular attend ****** parties, I can no longer say these things thanks to English conditions and the country transition phase. Moving countries without a spouse or friend is very difficult. Believe me. Its easier when your a kid or in university because then your in an establishment that you can branch out from.

This brings me to another topic, the social parrell that World of Warcraft brings in relation to life goals. Starting the game life is easy and players tend to be happy with a sense of accomplishments. This is because they have a clear attainable and substationsly goal that can be measured. They are leveling, they have a nice blue bar telling them how well they are doing. They have a clear path of actions they can do to attain rewards nd progress on this path.

This is much like a child who has clear goals of school. You can measure how far along in the school year you are and how well you are doing. So ignoring WOW and Real Life achievement tasks (time award system, and real lifes effort award system), children know what they need to do and tend to be a lot more focus. Until University, or Level 55+.

At this point the wonderfully predefined road falls away from beneath them and the constricited system in which they have grown until now is removed. Now they need to define their own goals.

Some more things can be drawn how some WOW players get sucked into grinds because "its the thing to do" and not because they enjoy it. Some others are continously making new characters not acknowledging the world after 60, while others slowly progress avoiding 60. Ironically the roleplaying characters (or the creatives) are running around in substanderd gear with almost no gold.

It Amused me.

This morning I help a customer setup an Airport netowkr with multiple base stations, speedtouch router (pieces of junk), two macs (both with USB modem software installed, which messes up the system), oh and a network printer. Its easy to do but taking a customer through it takes forever and well its the best techie call I've fielded.