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D.R.E.A.M. Thief

D.R.E.A.M. Thief

I shall not explain it nor shall seek to expound the thoughts. Needless to say the end result is I scream and shout a bit then feel better. To be brief I had a lot of good news on Wednesday and I was highly productive but the whiplash effect was I forgot my meds and didn't ealise this. The withdrawal hit, I thought it was something else, then I realised this morning my mistake of forgetting to take my meds.

Behind simple horrors, our biggest fear is not the complex mechanisms of conspicarcy and overwhelming power, instead it is the small simple actions which collapse our over large dreams.

We landed on the moon.

JFK was killed by a lone gunman.

Atlantis was a tool used in a philosphy paper, by the greeks.

The Mason Guilds big secret was a simple apex engineeering tool.

Jack the Ripper was a practised serial killer.

Most of all, IT WAS NOT A UFO / GHOST / ANGEL!!! Instead it was one of the fabrications the human mind is capable of. It is finely tuned to hallucination. Believe it accept it. Question everything, ACCEPT the answers.

Fulcums Rasor Principle: The simplest form of the equation (solution) is the most accurate for the data set (problem).