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Post Num 50

Post Num 50

Yeah Post number 50

Another line of my life. I miss when a line meant something completly different. You cant go back. I fee like I'm running the sequel / spinoff tv series now where they have toned it down for the public. Where have you gone robots of vowels.

Anyone thinking this is post number 51 can NOT count. There are now 51 posts on the site but this is post number 50. Its called zero you bastard stick it up your shirt. I shall not go now into my rant and rage about how fools you think [] should start at 1. Crawl into a hole and Die.

Went to perve over Johnny yesterday. I really enjoyed the second pirates movie. I agree the work is derivative, however it adds enough new ground plot and character wise. The movie is fun so grab a bottle of rum and head on down to your cinema. Intresting note, lots of man flesh to purve and only two female characters. Both strong and intelligent. Both characters make me feel real good about the movie. A side note however the level of violience (contextual) is rather large do NOT take small kids.
Unless you celotape there eyes open.