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Welcome to the House of Fun

Welcome to the House of Fun

Some people have being saying I'm being too bitchy recently. I refute this claims on two counts.

  • There is NO thing such as too bitchy.
  • I've been in a good mood lately, it will degrade if this trend continues./li>

Ultimatly I am in a good mood.

I discovered two things I LOVE, the first is a podcast called T.W.I.T [This Week in Tech]. It is a fun filled if somewhat american centric podcast. Anyway its amusing, well thought out, good sound and light hearted. The pointed out a story which was so great I had to look it up.

Now the story goes a Taxi driver looking to pickup someone from the BBC, an Apple expert, anyway through a series of laughable events he ended up on live tv under a case of mistaken identity. Read this news at BBC and watch the interview. I enjoy comedy from stupidity and pain, the classic base of humour.