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Your brain goes POP

Your brain goes POP

I spent the vast majority of yesterday studying for a programming course I am doing. I had little or no exposure to DirectX at University so I undoing a course on it. Its relatively easy because the concepts are all the same its just a different API. What I am finding frustrating is confusing the DX and OpenGL ways of doing things. NOT to mention obscure things like Lost Devices.

Oh well my brain hasn't gone pop yet. I also signed up for Skype I figured it was worthwhile.

I tore my hair out last night looking up methods of recording Skype conversations. I can only find convoluted hardware solutions which I know are "wrong" or paid software solutions. The obvious solution in my mind is to write a software sound device that clones the sound through multiple sound devices to playback to speakers and to an artificial input channel. Therefore eliminating all the fuss. You just set the output for Skype to said sound driver, record it with a program like audacity.

Maybe I'm being stupid. I might end up paying for Pamela, no NOT the porn star the software.

Frustrated coder over and out.