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Back, and Better

Back, and Better

Okay so I've been completly silent. There is a reason, things have been up in the air. I only wanted to get back to this once I had some direction. Otherwise I would have broken my iron rule about no moppy blogging.

Okay this is what happened.

  • I got the NHS on my side.
  • I got turned down for a dream job.
  • I got into fight with NHS, resolved.
  • I quit my job working as Apple Technical support.
  • I joined the University of Northumbria.
  • I had my first first lecture today.

Lots of stuff I know. Currently I'm classed as an international student. This means I have to pay lots of money. Also I dont get a student loan. So there is lots of work ahead but I still get to make advances.

Yay for me!