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Another Post

Another Post

I'm so busy. Okay I wont ramble on about social junk, LGBT meetings, university doctors, job hunting and so on. Let me bring everyone up to speed.

  • Working on FP Adventure a graphical 'text' adventure engine, for University.
  • I intend to bring the blog back up to a daily or at least three times a week.
  • I'm reopening Flammable Penguins Studios for creative projects. More info Soon.
  • Collecting old content for the FP studios, not to mention laying out the ground work and equipment for new projects. Getting new faces on board.
  • University is a doddle at the moment.
  • Desperatly job hunting.

These are exiting times for me, I'm getting back to what I love. This last year has been an interum of chasing space flight when I still need to perfect planes. I'm back to building foundations.

See you All soon!