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Good Morning

Good Morning

Well the adventure engine is comming along, I reckon by the end of the week it should be usable for say an alpha release. Of course bear in mind this is the engine not game content itself. Overall its going well.

Still waiting on one of the people I need to relaunch Flammable Penguin studios. She hasn't been comming to lectures, so I dont know whats happening with that. The website should be launch on Monday however. I have also been in contact with the owner of to talk about branding and avoiding future issues, he seems like a nice guy and I'm sure itwill all work out.

Missed a lecture for the first time since starting this course. I'm despertly trying to avoid what happened to me last time I was at Uni which was, well poor form, as for as attendence was concerned. The hoest truth is I was coding late.

I ended up in the pub yesterday, a rare occurence as I desperatly fight the english pub culture, after a 3-4 hour bull session with Hamster and Danny I called it a night.

The job front is becomming to desperate that tomorrow I'm applying at McDonalds... I feel dirty. Fact of the matter is the British are negative to foriegners, espically up north, I mean I come from a British background but have lived in South Africa. I would hate to think how Easterners, and other more different cultures feel when job hunting. So So.