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Updated Site

Updated Site

Hi All!

Okay so I've updated the comic section. I'm just sorting out some hosting for the comics. In the near future once I have more money for this project I want to host the comics on our server but in the meantime I'll be doing it on another server.

I've also updated the Code section to include some of the APIs we talked about on the show. In the near future I have big plans for the coding section.

The Channels of Power section is on the back burner till the more core elements of the site are up, I do apologise to you table top junkies but I assure you COP is close to my heart and I have a lot of content for the page it just needs formatting and such.

I'm currently building pop filters and trying to get all the gear together for Tuesday's recording. I'm really hoping to improve the sound quality and cut down on the editing time.

Well that's the news you'll hear from me again most likely on Wednesday, cheers.