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[72 Hour] Progress Report 5

72 Hour Game Dev Contest Programming
[72 Hour] Progress Report 5

THERE ARE 1 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, and 59 seconds left!

Considering I'll be at work for 6 of those hours, call it 6 hours sleep..... hmm that leave me with 12 HOURS!!!

What have I done so far, well I've decided 2:1 diamond isometric with a left aligned point is the spawn of Satan and should have never been conceived. Other than that its been pretty productive.

  • ISO-Ball motion is smooth but buggy
  • Added Start and End to levels
  • Added Timer
  • Added Gold, Bronze, Silver award times.
  • Added Menu system.
  • Added High Scores.
  • Made pause mode editable.

All in all I'm a one woman coding army of destruction!