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Okay so This is IT!

Okay so This is IT!

I'm back baby!

I won't bloody the floor with the victims or my anger. Basically this is it my life goes through rocky periods. I don't like to throw my misery on the net or onto other people who have too many problems. I don't repress them.... GOD NO! I rip them out and fight, that's why I battle to stop fighting. I love my friends and hate my family lets leave it at that.

Finance being what it is I'm now working full time at a bank. One would think this would grate me but it doesn't. I don't deal with customers and the only idiots are my co-workers. I handle large sums of money and no one dares to trouble me. Sadly it means I don't get to attended the lectures I enjoy but hey that's what needs doing. Don't get me wrong if I feel my self being tarnished I'm outta the door before the bodies hit the floor.

Social life problems are nicely cleaned because I found a nice small event that is bi-weekly has a mature and friendly crowd who don't mind being bitten. Its not Zeplins (yes it is spelled like that) but it has a great quality to it. I can dance and drink in a pleasant place. Not to mention it being a fixed event only fortnightly its never going to drain my wallet.

The Flammable Penguins website is getting up to speed again and I feel like a routine is forming. I have high hopes for it.

Otherwise keep it coming life because I'm ready.