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A bright future

A bright future

This Bone Marrow story cheered me up for a different reason to most discussing it.

Simply put its a break through for human liberty and a free society. Why you ask? Well because the method used to grow sperm could be used by lesbian couples to have a genetic child. So instead of going to sperm banks or adopting they could have a child all of their own. Now I know this leaves gay couples in the cold, however men don't have this internal biological clock and this need to nurture.

Don't get me wrong men can make great parents and love their children but I think this is SO vital for lesbian couples its insane. I'll happily strangle the first "moral" argument against this one and shove their malformed brain (if I can find one) into their eye sockets.

So go out there and support freedom through science. Man was not meant to go that fast, have that much power, fly, change the world or fly. Well fuck you because humanity can do what it lies once it sets its mind to it. We created the Gods and its about time they started worshipping us.