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Programmers Blah

Programmers Blah

So the finest quality of a programmer is the ability to experience apathy.

No really this is true, a lot of people call themselves programmers when they are really just capable of hacking out a few lines of code. This is like proclaiming all people journalists, writers, mathematicians, artist, and poets.

The truth is coding is a very small part of a programmers quality. A main part is a desire to be lazy. I'm not talking about that I don't want to get out of bed lazy, I'm talking that wonderfully quality of I refuse to write this sentence a second time cause I wrote it once before.

Its the ability to play god in the truest sense of the world and create little minions and imps called programs or systems which perform tasks you deem beneath you. Which for all good programmers should be anything you have done once before.

So I've been playing with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Yahoo Pipes and a few other little Gizmo's. Basically my goal is to have a unified presence. So if I update this blog it propagates out to all the relevant places, combines with all my other updates like Flickr and Wham. Also I've been coding a story telling web server to manage my GM notes, character sheets, npcs, calenders ect... So I have been doing a lot of organising and very little work.

Which ultimately is the programmers greatest weakness is we all need to be whipped on a regular basis to perform actual work instead of Meta-creating the universe.