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Froogles and Past Post

Froogles and Past Post

South African Comp

So there is this great competition being run by some guys in South Africa which brings me out of the overtime coma. They are running a competition for an educational game which is sadly only open to South African citizens. *Rushes to dig out passport* Wooopeee! So I'm going to be taking part in that.

Not only did this bring me out of the overtime coma but it also allowed me to see some GREAT stuff ahppening on the ZA scence. Checkout this mag they are making its a great project.

Feedback Page and Podcast

Anyway I was updating the sight and found that the feedback page was broken when I added an anti-spam snippet, and no one could tell me the page was broken because well the feedback page was broken.

The podcast is on a slight pause till I get some feedback from the last episodes (yes it does matter) and I'm desperately trying to find a reliable co-host. So here it is folks. The requirements are simple. You must be a student or someone actively working to break into the industry. You must be reliable and that is it.