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Second Order

Second Order

So the thing is like this. The Queen's Birthday is on the telly and pizza is on the cook. Well I have to say its a funny feeling. Its strange. Oh well what to say facebook, red vs blue, hoodwinked and worms.

Trying to get mind in order to code.... is it just me or is my mind on drugs.

Speaking on Drugs. The Faculty. A great movie which has body snatchers, aliens, cheer-leaders, nudity and tentacles. The best part about this whole movie is drugs save the day... no SERIOUSLY! Bullets, fire, and cleaver do no good. Where as drugs will kill the aliens. The only way to prove your not an alien is to do a hit. Also one of the main characters is attack by their English teacher turned tentacle monster. Splits her in two then she recombines and he gets her in the end. Also it has a very funny cast. A brilliant Grade B thriller!