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Progress 3 (and 100th post)

Programming Ptk Sdl Weekend of Code Contest
Progress 3 (and 100th post)

Yes folks 100 posts in the blog! Pity it couldn't be more significant.

I know this screen doesn't look like much but well it is. The sequence of events is as follows.

  • Get PTK and Chipmunk setup and build framework.
  • Discover PTK and Chipmunk screw each other over due to the one being compiled /MD and the other /MT
  • Spend Hours attempt to fix this
  • FAIL!!!
  • Try some more with help, reinstall both libraries and tweak
  • EPIC FAIL!!!
  • Choose a new platform.... SDL
  • Realise you haven't used SDL in over 3 years
  • Go play a bit of Burnout: Paradise
  • Get SDL working after a few tears
  • Like a sensible person use OpenGL
  • Realise you haven't coded in OpenGL in over 2 years.
  • Cry some more
  • With the help of X-Out and others revise your knowledge and dig up old projects to refresh memory.
  • Swear at libaries
  • Tinker
  • Get Black Screen... run around in celebration.
  • Get Lines on Screen

Intersperse that with a thumping headache, and extremly regular breaks to visit the WC (thank you being ill on a long weekend without access to doctor). Not to mention a few self inflicted incidents of head tramau as you punish yourself for a million stupid newbie mistakes.

Oh well now I can get back to the weekend of code.