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Weekend of Code #3: A to Z with a Twist

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Weekend of Code #3: A to Z with a Twist


A to Z with a Twist is an exploration into racing games and freerunnnig games where we are trying to get from A to Z but we add something to make it interesting. BE CREATIVE AS POSSIBLE as the whole idea of this weekend is to take risks and explore. Focus on the twist not the racing. Make it as fun as possible.


  • Graphics, Physics and Sound Libraries are allowed: Examples PTK, SDL, Box2d, Chipmunk, OpenAL ect...
  • No games libraries are allowed. If in doubt as me.
  • All code must be written from scratch in the weekend, no copy and paste or code reuse.
  • All content must be made during the weekend: photos and scans are allowed.
  • The final code and all things required to run the game must be uploaded to the website prior to Monday Noon (GMT). Uploader will be on site from Sunday Noon.


  • Assassins Creed: Free running with killing.
  • Stuntman Ignition: Brilliant Stunt along course.
  • Destruction Derby: Destroy other cars.
  • Mario Kart: Weapons.
  • Chase Hollywood Stunt Driver: South African Hollywood Game

Anything Else

Have fun, grab some sleep. You can contact me using the feedback form on the site or I'll be hanging around in an irc channel. #ludumdare on Afternet.