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Swing Car Alpha Release

Professional Weekend of Code Contest
Swing Car Alpha Release
Weekend of Code

All aboard the fail-train. We got a few submissions but it seems the cholate confusion meant this WOC failed. I got a few entries from the regulars but the final years were too busy, fair enough. The second years on the whole display no motivation to make games, expected. The first years however have no excuse!!

Well here is my little project, I'm currently converting it to GameCube cause I liked the little game so much I'm making it my semester project for the cube.

Version 0.9

In Other News: SUCCESS!!

Yes folks after all the hard work I finally work in the games industry. I've got a job at Mere Mortals. I was in a wonderful position where three companies were intrested and I got a choice. Overall I'm on the top of the moon.

Its all very scary but I'll try as soon as possible to get another podcast up as soon as possible but understandably I'm really busy.

So I will see you all and you will see that HARD WORK PAYS OFF! I'm finally after years and years, during my third degree and after all the work I have broken in.

Now just to prove myself.... no I dont wake up daily terrified..... what I dont....... I will succeed..... no really........ shit I'm late for work!