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Wire Solution: Snap, Tweak, Loft

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Wire Solution: Snap, Tweak, Loft
Wire Solution: Snap, Tweak, Loft

So after having headaches trying to think how to do wires I am reminded by how much familiarity increases speed. Be it a familiar language, setting, project, or 3d modelling package.

The solution for the wires was really simple to anyone familiar with modelling, which makes me feel a bit silly.

To construct wires

  1. Find Start and End point on model
  2. Turn on 3D Snap to faces
  3. Draw Line
  4. Tweak and Polish lines
  5. Use Loft and circle to construct the pipe

Soooo simple. *facepalm*

They do seem to add a bit of nice detail, quite happy with the result.