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Dissertation: Data Driven Dialogue

Data Driven Dialogue Dissertation
Dissertation: Data Driven Dialogue

To create a data-driven system for use in the games industry that will generate complete social interactions using seeded scenarios which expands based on player interactions and arbitrary input. This is an alternative to dialogue trees.

Task List
  1. Create Scenario Reference
    1. Draft scenario and characters
    2. Draft topics of conversation
    3. Compile Final Scenario reference
  2. Create a traditional scenario using dialogue tree.
    1. Create Simple Example in Adventure Game Studio
    2. Implement Scenario Reference in Adventure Game Studio
  3. Research Morrowind dialogue, and modding community
    1. Create some Morrowind Dialogue
    2. Evaluate possibility of implementing
  4. Model a new data-driven system
    1. Implement Scenario Reference using new system
  5. Compare and Evaluate different methods
  6. Compile Final Report