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Getting into C# and Feeling Stupid

Programming Xna
Getting into C# and Feeling Stupid
Today’s Goals
  • Build World Manager
  • Make base Hand & Frank
  • Get Hand to Pick up Frank

So currently I’m doing one of the things I like least. Building low-level systems and technical plumbing. General I like to work one of two ways. On the bone raw api’s dirty and fast, or working on a high level system.

The building of engines and low-level framework style system is a crucial element which I never enjoy doing. Also my unfamiliarity with C# and XNA is a big slow down.

Transforms: Target or Moving?

The question has arisen about whether target transform or moving transform is better. I’ve used both system in the past.

Target Transform: Lerps between previous and target to return the current transform.
Moving Transform: A relative transform which is applied to current transform.