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Theme: Islands

72 Hour Game Dev Contest Programming
Theme: Islands

Theme: Islands

Okay time to make a game in a weekend. At first I wasn’t going to do LD17 but then I realised I could use the engine I’m building for university work. This synergy means the times not wasted, synergy in real life. Besides it will give my lagging progress a much needed oomph.

So I woke up to the theme of islands. My first thought was… Aaaah NO!

Then I started thinking about the cellular automata system I used for the last LD to generate caverns. The system could be adapted from making a single connected cavern to disconnected islands.

Of course I need to use my university engine which is 3D which made me think. Oh I could have islands built of blocks. This is to fit into the graphics pipeline and make them work in 3D. Give them depth so you have floating Ice Berg situation.

This sounded good but then I took the idea further. Polar coordinates with relative gravity. A few stumbling blocks came up with bricks (pun intended). So then I thought go Balls! Then I though how the hell to get a 3D cellular automata, and also that I want hollow planet so to speak.

So then I though polar coordinates means through a bias based on radius using a sine graph or similar. Then wham BAM I got it.