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Paper Progress

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Paper Progress

So I was so tired of seeing a computer the last few days I switch to paper notes for a while. Still need to scan / transcribe them to digital format. Here are some highlights

Key Points

Goal: To explore and define a method for game agents to comprehend game objects and events with the ability to query and respond.

Method: By implementing a reference scenario in XNA.

The exact schema I choose for the implementation is trivial, but the graph Query & Response format is key. 


These systems are listed in order of implementation. For my dissertation I shall only be doing the first three. I do plan to eventually do all of them.

Knowledge Storage: Representing knowledge in graph format.

Query & Response Format: Query an agent and formulate a response

Agent to Agent Discovery: Two agents converse and update their knowledge graph based on response. An agent also needs to resolve data conflicts.

Chinese Whispers: An agent mishears or corrupts data on receiving knowledge.

Lies:An agent intelligently mutates data on output when certain conditions exists.

Input & Output Translation: Data is transformed from graph format to friendlier format. Possible IF parser, GUI system or NL system.