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Podcast #2: Life of a QA guy

Design Nda Podcast
Podcast #2: Life of a QA guy

So I pulled in our two Testers, Andy Bell (@acidphire21) and Stephen Rowe to talk about the joys and realities of being a games tester.

Here is a rough order of things we talk about, no transcript I'm afraid.

  • What Reality Bomb would you drop on someone looking to be a tester?
  • The Best Parts of the job?
  • Qualifications and Skills
  • How do you keep things fresh and test in new ways?
  • Software and Reporting Tools
  • We talk about Glo and the unique challanges of QA internal IP
  • What's the difference between a fix, feature or pipe dream?
  • Difficulty how do you test that?
  • How do you test a Tutorial for something you already understand?
  • Motion Controller Testing
  • Favourite console to test on?
  • QA Pains and Nightmares?
  • Worst console to test on?
  • Doing builds and signing them off?
  • NDA Pains
  • Blame Day, and bouncing bugs

Hope you enjoyed this week. Please provide feedback