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Splash Damage

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Splash Damage

Splash Damage

Okay some actions can affect multiple targets, my old model ignored this and hence broke in a few places. I’ve now fixed this. This resolves a few graph query issues I was having.


Aaah yes arbitrary containers are extremely useful in a graph systems. They give information based on context. I was using them in all my drawings and notes, but not in code. This has now been fixed and cleans things up.

Multiple Children

I started with a query as a single path in the graph. Then I got lost a bit and thought, of course multiple children are needed. So the query changed from a path to a sub-graph.

The confusion arose because the response is multiple nodes.

This is messy and muddies the model. After trying to handle the sub-graph query I decided it adds nothing, as multiple paths can be submitted consecutively.

So now the query is path, response is a node list