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Develop Conference

So got back from Develop and was slightly wiped out. So no podcast today, hoping to pipe one out on Monday. I apologise for the delay.

There is good covereage at Develop site and some funny and very good coverage at RPS.

Though I must caution that often the press cherry pick or focus on a tangent of a talk meaning you miss the real value of the talk. In Tim Schafer talk he noted rather amusingly at how Journalists pens work hard whenever he says a number. I do wish more analytical pieces were written and less "wire" pieces which try find facts and spew them out.

Went to two great talks about Technical Art which got my programming brain buzzing on topics of tools and tricks. One from Jolyon Webb from Blitz games, which really got me thinking more and more about doing more with less. The other from James Answer from Sony about EyePet. They had loads of small little tricks.

There was a fascinating talk about dramatic delivery from Georg Backer of Lionhead Studios. It really got me thinking about things in so many ways. It reminded me about the value of work-shopping. I work shopped scenes from all my plays, it was my key tool of refinement, but never have I used it in games. So that was great.

Mostly my mind was buzzing with Kinect, and the future. I've worked with phones, wii-motes and the move. The Wii initially got me super super excited, and to some extent it still does. Move does not, after it arrived a 2 minute play with a lightsaber sensor and I knew its insides and out. It still provides interesting opportunities, but is limited. Kinect is a whole new animal built from old tricks, software is the key.

The talks from Nick Burton, from Rare, and Andrew Oliver, from Blitz, both fired my brain with ideas. The key ingredient here is invention, stop thinking about how to make old games work with new controllers but instead think of games for the controller. I want to write a whole new article on this but yes Kinect is VERY exciting.

Both the Keynotes were brimming fill of good advice, and the other talks gave me a lot to think on. The talk on Business Intelligence from CCP was interesting but a little shallow, a taste of the interesting depths which they delve.

So more to come, but yes my head goes buzz buzz buzz.