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Gun ho Gimmicks
Sales in a Can?

There is no magic, silver bullet, secret recipe or hidden formula. These words have been spoken many times by more successful, intelligent and thoughtful people than me. Yet people still seem unable to listen. Quality is the primary thing. It can be called passion, drive, craftsmanship or love but the result is the same.

Back in high-school I remember everyone readying their final year pieces. The really amazing pieces looked practically finished by the half way point of the year. Yet they did not slow down, they just worked harder. You thought it couldn't get any better they would work for hours improving a spot here, a line their. Blending a few more colours there. In the end the work shined with the effort.

The only talent or magic that is needed is experience, and a desire to polish. The ability to put in hours on hours on a work without halting.

So next time you are working on something, or someone suggests a feature. Ask yourself if it adds values. Next time you think something is finished, search until you find the flaws. No work is ever finished, and yes money, time and sanity requires we end a project at a point. So let's keep the love and quality and leave the gimmicks to cheap and tacky.