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Badda Booom!

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Badda Booom!
Mere-Mortals games division is now shut.

We were working late a few weeks back when the news was delivered and well the final final final letter came through today. It's all quite a process, which started with a large round of redundancies as we tried to pull through but couldn't. The company is still running but sans Games. Many good people are now out of work, some have already found new work but it's done.

There were a lot of good people doing their best. The question WHY has been thrown around and to be frank there is no way of answering it without sounding like an ass. Throwing mud gives leaves you dirty.

I will say that there were clear failings in certain keys areas, and I would love to do a post-mortem on it. Sadly our industry is small, secretive and in some cases petty. So it's very hard to dissect such a thing academically without shooting your career in the foot.

I will say that a key bad point has been removed, and is hopefully bleeding in some dark alley, and that the remaining managers are well aware of past mistakes. I wish them all the best and hope they pull through. I encourage anyone to take a second look at the company because in many ways it is now a healthier place.

Hunting for a job

Well the hunt has been on for some time now and I will say there are two opportunities I'm waiting on like a kid before Christmas. I honestly don't know which one I want more but there are both jackpot prizes.

I did have a lot of trouble with the whole Games Designer & Programmer thing. While most industry vets see the strength of that, and even the inevitable crossover well it confuses interviewers. You are a funny shaped peg they have a hard time hiring. So in the end I made two CVs and chose the most appropriate.

Podcast Problems

Noticed some trouble with the iTunes feed which is now fixed, sorry for the delays. Obviously I can no longer use the awesome sound setup at work so I'm looking into making other plans. Please let me know what you most want to see out of the cast.

All the best,