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Data Driven Dialogue Schism

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Data Driven Dialogue Schism
Of course there is a story

So the data driven dialogue project is moving along and well a simple problem arises.

The more mechanic driven and gamey your game is, Ludology focused, the easier it is to scrape and implement a data driven dialogue system. The more narrative or plot driven the game is, the more special cases you have and thus the data driven solution becomes much more difficult.

The problem is that the narrative focused game are the ones that will most benefit from it. But of course uprooting an established standard is a tricky task to undertake.

The mistake I made is at the start of the project I chose an atypical role-playing module as a reference point. This being my ultimate goal, but its sooo difficult to use as a reference. Where as recently I started using Quake as an example as it just clicks so well.

So yes I could have a post game chat and character development added to Quake but not sure how well that would appeal. I guess prove it first then move onto more difficult examples.