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Penguin Presentation: Social is not Evil

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Penguin Presentation: Social is not Evil

So I've lost sleep over the last week because I've been trying to convince people Social games are not evil. I've had some good counter arguments thrown at me. Sleep lost. Counter Arguments and finally I hit on the key. So I recorded a Presentation With AUDIO

....but then the audio didn't record. At almost the same time a great article was published which said it better than I could. Though I still have some things to say on the matter.

Read that great article here - Facebook Games Level Up

My point is basically this, stop treating time, money and friends as currency and instead as an investment. If the player is not gaining something from the experience your wasting their time and money. If your using their friends as currency in a fashion which degrades rather than improves friendships your damaging them socially.

Have a slide share of the slides (without audio), most the content was audio :'(