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Nano, Leads and Projects
Level Up - Scott Pilgrim style

On reflection of this month my NanoWriMo project which I was really keen on is just not going to fit into my spare time at the moment.

In better news I'm now Lead Designer at GameLabs Jagex. Wooooot! All quite amazing to be honest. Some amazing and exciting stuff is on the go there now. Wish I could say more, and a bunch just happened.

So it means my time is getting sucked up. Hence no NanoWriMo and my October project falling by the wayside. I do want to carry on tinker but they will be things I can finish in a day or maybe a night or two.

So until I have some tinker bits to show :)

P.S. Those blog posts I was sitting on are not going to be published. Not comfortable with them at this stage. Needless to say there is a lot I want to say and some of it may anger people.