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Project Humps

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Project Humps

This LudumDare I was hit by a blaze of inspiration. I was soooo excited by this project!!! Then the truck of problems ran me over, several times.

Build a 3D Spatial Puzzle based on a secret phrase. The phrase is revealed when the person completes the puzzle.

Then I opened Unity3D and it constantly hit me with minor irritations, though to be fair I've gotten over most of those. The real stumbling block is lots and lots of obscure Math and Niggly technical problems.

Now an interesting problem is exciting and one which you can get your teeth into and gets you excited. One example of this is the generation of the spatial puzzle. Which is awesome procedural content generation.

No I'm talking about stupid little math problems, rotations, parenting and frankly silly stupid problems. Stuff which on paper is stupidly simple. Things like smoothing out camera behaviours, improving physics performances and glitches.

I think I can safely say 90% of the project has been hung up on technical glitches and minor issues. Not sure if I'm going to continue. Taking a breather and thinking about it again.

Prototype - Click to Try

WASD + QE = Camera Controls

Space = Break-up & Rotate Drag Piece Left Mouse = Select Object Right Mouse Drag = Drag Object Around