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Why Less Posts

Why Less Posts
XKCD: Stop and Think

So other than the occasional project posting my posts have gone down. This isn't because my writing has decreased but because of a new method I have.

  1. Oooh I have an idea.
  2. Is it offensive, or NDA? Then rant to friends or co-workers as appropriate.
  3. Okay I can share it with the world, break it down to 140 characters and tweet it.
  4. Is it still in my head?
  5. Write a blog post, save the draft
  6. Talk it out with friends, let it run around my head
  7. Review draft
  8. If comfortable Publish, otherwise continue to review or delete

Of course a lot of times I just feel what I'm writing is too opinionated or is lacking good sources. The most common case is I can find a much better written article by a more knowledgeable expert which covers most the points.

Anyone else use a similar system? Thoughts?