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Bricks, Bees and Strong/Weak nuclear forces of attraction and repulsion

Ludum Dare 48
Bricks, Bees and Strong/Weak nuclear forces of attraction and repulsion

The voting as it stands at the moment, the top five are.

  • 211 - Magnetism (attraction repulsion)
  • 148 - Swarms
  • 111 - Infinite Levels (random/procedural generation)
  • 102 - Evolution
  • 80 - Construction

My personal choice would be construction but I've had to through my lot in with Swarms in a hope to avoid the magnets. Most the people against the whole construction thing are worried about Tetris clones. I have something much more interesting in mind. Evolution would also be interesting and I have several ideas bouncing around that. Infinite Levels is sooo wide open and broad there is almost no way to pin it down, so loads of ideas there. Swarms I have a nifty idea. Then finally I'm battling with Magnets one.

As a mental exercise I'm working on writing down a paragraph of text for each theme and solid ideas. Hopefully when the final result comes out I will be able to know where to go from there then.

Kill them all, lol

Chatting is one of the most useful tools out there. It lets me keep in touch with my friends and discuss things in a wonderful media. HOWEVER! If you do not have one of the following things, then it will go as discussed below.

  • Person is friend or previous acquaintance from real life
  • Conversation is started in order to solve a problem
  • conversation is started as a result of a fan site / dev site or common interest

If the conversation doesn't start like this I can say from my personal experience 9/10 times you will hear the lines.
Do you have a webcam?
Do you have a boyfriend
And a slew of other so called intelligent pick up lines.

My favorite deterrents are first barraging a person with intelligent questions, horny people are stupid. If they pass that I apologize and then just tell them why I did it. This does two things stops any offense I have caused and then clearly states my intentions. However at the end of the day the block and ignore buttons are a girls best friends. That being said, I'm always opening to intelligent conversation and a laugh.