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Code : Collide with Me

Code : Collide with Me
Timer: 02:54:03

I've been coding collision and matrix math. I'm pulling my hair out and DESPERATELY trying not to be tempted into signing up for WOW again. I'm horrible.

Self Control

Its horrible I know I wanted to talk about self control. I REALLY want to play WOW. Its an addiction I can admit that now. I can honestly say back from the days before my blood. I can honestly say I was addicted less to drugs than I currently am to WOW.

Now this might sound strange and weird but I want to talk about it. Chemical addiction can be beaten back by numerous tricks and you know its a physical thing. I've always been better denying physical things. A mental or life-style addiction is harder cause you dream and think on it more. Its just really makes me angry.

I need to code but it makes me bash my head against the wall when I cant quite get my head around a piece of code or a theory.

Just so you know I'm ready to KILL code at the moment